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    Puyang city rhett pressure container co., LTD. Is located in the lu county border stand,In the north of wu3 song dozen tiger yanggu county,The south had gathered108In water margin liangshan hero,Is the heart of shuihu tourism。Jingjiu and changtai railway intersection here,DE high speed、Fan beam high speed、101Provincial highway passes through throughout,The transportation is convenient。    Rhett is a national companyASpecial equipment manufacturing enterprises,China chemical equipment association member units。Now has“Rhett”、“Dragon township”、“Dragonfly”、“Longteng”And”The ippr”、“R”Word trademark,And gainsISO9001Quality management system certification。Won the quality good faith in henan provinceAThe level of industrial enterprises title     Rhett company main products are tank series、Air cannons series、Heat series、Petrochemical equipment series、Non-standard......

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