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Tianjin artisan core when drinking
Brand story——As the core
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InvestmentAs in life,Selected storeAs a mate,To join usSuch as marriage
To joinAunt Annie,Start a businessMore simple
The late service
From the signing to the operation and management,All-the-way tracking service,Directional do communication training on a regular basis
Logistics distribution
The big four entrepot storage logistics,Small cost,High efficiency
Brand publicity
Provide network、O2O、Outdoor advertising、Radio, and other media channels
Business circle
Strictly implement regional protection policy,Regulate the behavior of area open a shop,Investors in escort area
The whole shop output
Provide store location、The shop assistant training、Logistics distribution and other services
Brand resources
Provide free brand trademark、Such as a full set of application of normsVISystem
Product research and development
R&d team constantly updated product content,Develop the market areas
Technical training
Headquarters lecturers teach products production process and facility operations
Recently joined preferential consulting
Aunt Annie Product display
Food consumption of the masses80、90Become the main crowd
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一站式Joining processGuidance,Investment easily、Simply more quickly
As the core team hasTen yearsInternet experience
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