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    Luoyang HuiDe biological engineering co., LTD. Was established in2001Years,Is the collection research and development、Production、Marketing、Service as one of the high-tech modern insurance enterprise。 Company after 10 years of development,2011Moved in“The most competitive industry gathering area of henan province”——Huayang industrial concentration area of henan province。2012New Year company base in the completion,South by MangShan here,The Yellow River in the north,West west xia scenic spot。The company covers an area of new sites13966㎡,The construction area5500㎡,High standard construction of injection、Oral liquid、Granules、Tablets、Powder、Powder、Premix、Pesticides、Disinfectant nine production line 10 formulations。 Science and technology leading the future,Innovation driven development。Company scientific research and development based on the national veterinary medicine engineering technology research center、Postdoctoral scientific research...

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    TEL:400-6988897 0379-63302931
    Address:China•Shenhua road luoyang huayang industrial concentration area106Number

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