The national lottery

The national

The main agent one hundred Japanese cosmetics raw materials,Nissin、Ajinomoto、ADEKA, and many well-known companies products such as a pill,The guarantee of high quality to win your trust。

Industrial raw materials

Mainly provide variety、A variety of products of silver ion concentration,Can be used in food processing、Clothing fabrics、Wei yu deodorants etc many fields。

Food raw material

Mainly provide persimmon origin of high security or deodorant、Antibacterial agent,Inhibits bad breath、For sulfur compounds can also have highly deodorant effect。

The national lottery environmental protection

Mainly provide food safety、The equipment clean、Leading brand of environmental hygiene products and systems,Provide business use and food industrial hygiene cleaning products。

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The national lottery

Grasps『Sincere』、『Justice』、『Trust』、『Steadfast』The management idea,The pursuit of business continuity and growth。

The quality of service of the policy

To provide customer satisfaction of products and services、Meet the demand of customers most、To create sustainable value。


Ensure and maintain the original quality,Stick to the good faith mutually beneficial partnership,Provide warm friendly service。

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